The following messages are for the Mako Series of imagesetters inclusive of the following models:
 Mako 36  Mako 3600  Mako 3625  Mako 3650  Mako 3675
 Mako 46  Mako 4600  Mako 4625  Mako 4650  Mako 4675
Status Message:                    Meaning:
   The system is currently offline or “Test Patterns” has been selected
 in Interface Mode Menu.

   The system is currently online.
   There is no output cassette on the imagesetter.
   The system has run out of film or paper. Media is advanced beyond
 the Capstan Drive and Pinch Rollers. A cut signal is initiated to the
 Online Processor, but no cut is performed. These actions flush the
 media from the recorder and initiate online processing
   The cutter has not parked completely. If the cutter is not parked, go to
 the Diagnostic Park Cutter window. The cutter will then try to cycle
 correctly. If it does not, contact an Authorized Service Representative.
   Waiting for the Online Processor to Go Ready.
   Status message indicating the imagesetter is currently recording an
 ADVANCING MEDIA    This message appears when the ADVANCE Key is pressed.
 CUTTING MEDIA    This message appears when the CUT Key is pressed or system is
 performing an imagesetter cut cycle.
 REMOVE CASSETTE    This message appears after a Cut has been completed to remind you
 to remove the output cassette and process the output.
 Error Message:                       Meaning:
 System Error #1
   Drive motor error
 System Error #2

   SOL (start of line) error
 System Error #3
   No active Video error
 System Error #4
   Fatal cutter error