Boot Status Messages
 Code:                                               Description:
 INIT RECORDER START    Recorder initialization started
 INIT RECORDER 0    Time loop of about 45s. (LES power on delay)
 INIT RECORDER 1    Polygon drive initialized using the last X resolution setting
 INIT RECORDER 2    Film feed initialized using the last Y resolution value
 INIT RECORDER 3    Current density set
 INIT RECORDER 4    Cutter initialization, move to cutter stop, if necessary
 Recorder is ready
   Recorder initialization completed successfully
 (In Test mode, not all initialization routines are executed; certain
 errors may not be recognized)


 Status Messages During Operation
 Message:                                       Description:
 LI5 ENABLE    LI5 interface enabled; parameters can be defined also from
 the LT55 panel (equal priority)
 PROCESS ACTIVE    A process is active; no other process can be started. The
 process may be aborted by (SHIFT) STOP
 USER STOPPED    Process aborted by the user
 FILM ADVANCING    Film is being advanced
 FILM ADVANCE DONE    Film advance completed
 FILM CUTTING    Film is being cut
 FILM CUT DONE    Film cutting completed
 INSERT FILM    Insert film into the film transport system. Wait until the
 message is displayed
 ADJUST FILM     Adjust the film. Unlock the film drive (right-hand red button)
 Centre the film. Lock the film drive
 FILM LOADING    Film is being loaded into the film transport system
 CONTINUE FILM LOAD    Film loading is continued. Film advance with film cut
 FILM LOAD DONE     Film loading completed. Insert take-up cassette
 ALREADY FILM    Film already loaded
 ABORT FILM LOAD    Film loading aborted. Photomaterial was not recognized
 FILM UNLOADING    Film unloading is started
 FILM UNLOAD DONE    Film unloaded from the film transport system
 CUT BEFORE UNLOAD    Film loading aborted. Cut material
 NO FILM SUPPLY    No film available in film transport system (end of film)
 WARNING END OF FILM    End of film approaching alert
   Photomaterial error. (Try REC 1)
 IMAGING    Output in progress
 IMAGING DONE    Output completed
 IMAGING DONE    Recorder test printout in progress
 TEST IMAGING DONE    Recorder test printout completed
 DENSITY JOB STARTED    Density test printout in progress (several densities)
 DENSITY JOB DONE    Density test printout completed
   Density test printout in progress (current density only)
   Density test printout completed
 CHANGE TAKEUP CASS    Change the take-up cassette
 NO TAKEUP CASSETTE    Take-up cassette not inserted
 TAKEUP CASS FULL    Take-up cassette is full; material is cut automatically
   Remove the take-up cassette – cut has been performed
 CHECK CUTTER POS    Cutter not at stop position. Do not close the film transport
 system to avoid damaging the cutter
 WARNING DENSITY    The selected density is too low. SOL detection may not be
 TAKO ACTIVE    Calculation of tacho correction
 WARNING TAKO    Polygon tacho correction not successful
 WARNING FILM DRIVE    Zero mark of the film transport roller not found
 RANGE OVERFLOW    Zero mark of the film transport roller not found
 X.LM + X.M > F.WIDTH    Left margin plus measure greater than film width
 NO VALID RESOLUTION    The defined resolution is not supported
 NO RES FOR LI2 STNG    The defined resolution is not allowed with the current LI2
 Parameters. Select 16 MHz async mode in the INTERFACE
 menu; the RIP must also support the 16 MHz mode 
 OLP FORCED CUT    Forced cut of material is being executed because the
 maximum  galley length of the online processor is reached
 OLP AUTOMATIC CUT    Auto film cut for online processor is being executed
 Status Error Messages
 Message:                                               Description:
 RIP, NOT CONNECTED    A backend defined as imagesetter cannot see the RIP
 RIP > NOT SELECTED    RIP and recorder not synchronized
 RECORDER > TIME OUT    START signal did not trigger an interrupt. No light at SOL?
 RECORDER > TIME OUT    SOL missing. SOL-threshold, but no SOL recognized. Light intensity too low?
 SOL amplifier failure 
 NO LIGHT > DENSITY    Selected density too low. SOL is not recognized. Increase the density 
 SPINNER > TIME OUT    Selected density too low. SOL is not recognized. Increase the 
 DENSITY >TIME OUT    At present not used
 ERROR TAKO > WRITE    Tachometer correction error on writing the correction values.
 Has been Polygon fault
 ERROR TAKO >READ    Tacho correction error on reading the correction values
 TAKO ACTIVE    Tachometer correction iteration. Please wait
 ERROR > CUT [120]    Cutter not at stop position. Limit switch still active
 ERROR > CUT [121]    Cutter time-out. Cutter blocked
 ERROR > CUT [122]    Film advance in progress. Cutting not allowed
 ERROR > FILM LOAD    Film loading error
 OLP NOT OPERABLE    Online processor not available. Check connection
 OLP NOT READY    Online processor not ready. Check online processor
 OLP BRIDGE    Failure of bridge to online processor
 LI2 >SENDER NOT OPR    LI2 sender not operable. SOPR deactivated
 LI2 >SCAN OVERRUN    Too many pixels in transferred scan line
 LI2 >SENDER ERROR    Recorder aborted the job at the receiver operable signal (ROPR). A new output request
 is issued but the old sender page signal (SPGE) of the sender is still active 
 LI2 >TIME OUT    Abort of an LI2 connection to the recorder by time-out. This error may, at present,
 not occur because a time-out is not defined
 LI2 WITHOUT LI5    Output is not controlled via the LI5 interface. Output is started by pressing the START
 LI5 >NO PARTNER    LI5 partner (RIP) not available
 LI5 >TIME OUT    Time-out on the LI5 interface. This error may at present not occur because a time-out
 is not defined 
 LI5 >OVERRUN    DUART overrun on the LI5 interface. LI5 interface may not be served by the recorder 
 LI5 >PARITY ERR    Parity error on the LI5 interface
 LI5 >FRAMING ERR    Framing error on the LI5 interface
 LI5 >SYNCHR ERR    Software synchronization error on the LI5 interface
 HARD-REV TOO LARGE    Hardware revision number too large for firmware
 HARD-REV TOO SMALL    Hardware revision number too small for firmware
 HARD-REV TOO SMALL    Wrong flag returned by application process
 PLEASE RESET    Press both Reset keys

 Message:                                               Description:
 EEPROM >INIT    EEPROM initialization. Default values are assumed
 EEPROM >INIT    EEPROM update. After installation of a new program on the REC1 board the EEPROM
 data has been defaulted
 EEPROM >NEW INIT    A new EEPROM was installed. Default values assumed
 EEPROM ERROR    General EEPROM error
 EEPROM >CHECKSUM    Wrong checksum of EEPROM data
 EEPROM OVERFLOW    EEPROM full. (All three EEPROM blocks were used and may no longer be written)
 Install new EEPROM
 EEPROM >OLDSOFTWARE    Firmware older than EEPROM data structure. Install new firmware
 EEPROM >OLD EEPROM    EEPROM data structure obsolete. The firmware automatically converts the data
 structure. Check the data
 EEPROM>TOO OLD    EEPROM structure very obsolete. The firmware automatically converts the data
 structure. Check the data
 EEPROM>TOO OLD    EEPROM defect. Replace the EEPROM
 NVRAM Errors
 Message:                                               Description:
 NVRAM >TOO OLD    NVRAM data structure obsolete. Reinitialze the LT55
 NVRAM >OLDSOFTWARE    Firmware older than NVRAM data . Install new firmware
 NVRAM >FATALERROR    Fatal NVRAM error; initialize the LT55 panel
 NVRAM >ERROR    General NVRAM error, initialize LT55
 NVRAM >MESSAGE ERR    General NVRAM error, initialize LT55