Maintenance Codes
 Error Code:      Description:
 0001    The counter of waste ink used for printing margins at  
 borderless printing has reached the specified value.
 0002    The CR scan pass counter has reached the specified value.
 (ink supply tube has reached its end of life.)
 0008    The RTC backup battery becomes exhausted.
 0040    The pump counter has reached the specified value.
 0080    The date has not been set.
 0100    The RTC backup battery power has temporarily dropped.
 0800    The ink cartridge installation/removal counter has reached
 the upper limit.
 1000    The number of drives of the ink selector has reached the
 upper limit.
 0088    RTC backup battery has not been set.


 Service Call Errors

 Error Code:      Description:
 1101    CR life error
 1120    CR lock error
 1121    CR reverse error
 1122    CR overspeed error
 1123    Duty over error
 1124    Drive timeover error
 1125    CR home position detection error
 1126    CR lock release error
 1127    CR lock set error
 1130    Overspeed error (PID-load positioning)
 1131    Drive timeover error (PID-load positioning)
 1132    Out of sync. (PID-load positioning)
 1133    Positioning time-out (PID-load positioning)
 1134    Integral term overload (PID-load positioning)
 1135    Encoder test error (PID-load positioning)
 1220    Overspeed error
 1221    PF measurement error
 1222    Drive timeover error
 1223    Encoder test error
 1224    Out of sync
 1225    Positioning time-out
 1226    Integral term overload
 131B    Head driver (transmission gate) temp. error
 1400    Pressure motor drive timeover
 1401    Air leaks
 1403    Pressure reducing error
 1404    Pump movement cycle over error
 1410    Drive time monitor time-out (PUMP)
 142D    Pump cap unit life error
 1425    CSIC communication time-out
 1430    Holder ink pad error