Error Description
All errors have both a name and a number that have been divided into different types.
 O    Operator has interrupted a sequence, while in Loader Service program
 O1    Error may occur during loading/unloading new material
 J    Error may occur during normal operation
 S    Error indication is not shown in Platesetter Service Monitor
 L    Error indication only shown in Loader Service Program
Error:      Type:       Description:
  10        Knife error 
  11        Knife error, tighten material abort 
  12   J     Knife error
  13        Knife error, remove material abort
  20   O1+J    Park material Time-out (Sensor Feed A = ON)
  21   O1+J    Same as 20, but for B
  30   O1+L    Load material A time-out (Sensor Feed A = OFF)
  31    O    Load material A abort
  32   O1     Load material A time-out (Sensor Drum = OFF)
  33   O1+L    Load material Empty roll A
  34   O1+L    Same as 30, but for B
  35    O    Same as 31, but for B
  36   O1     Same as 32, but for B
  37   O1+L    Same as 33, but for B
  40   O1     Unload material A time-out. (Sensor Feed A = ON)
  41   O1     Same as 40, but for B
  42   O1+L     Unload material Empty roll A
  43    O1+L    Same as 42, but for B
  50    J    Feed material A time-out. (Sensor Drum = OFF)
  51    L+J    Feed material Empty roll A.
  52    O    Feed material A abort
  53    J    Same as 50, but for B.
  54    L+J    Same as 51, but for B.
  55    O    Same as 52, but for B.
  60    O    Cut material Unfeed Abort
  70    O    Unfeed material Abort.
  71    O    Unfeed from Drum. Cut plate in Drum
  72    J    Unfeed material Time-out. (Sensor Jam = ON)
  73    J    Unfeed material Jam. (Sensor Drum = ON)
  80    J    Switch guide. Time-out. (Sensor Switch guide = ON)
  81    J    Switch guide. Time-out. (Sensor Switch guide = OFF)
 82-84    O    Switch guide. Abort
  90    J+O1    Vacuum. Time-out. Incorrect vacuum level
  100    L    Plate in Drum. Switch guide in unfeed position
  101    L    Plate in Drum. Switch guide in feed position
  110    J    Time out, 1 or 2 end stop switches not activated in punch park position
  111    O    Punch. Abort
  112    J    Time out, 1 or 2 end stop switches not activated in punch cut  position
  113    O    Punch. Abort